Aquage Biomega Text Me Flexible Taffy 2 oz

Aquage Biomega Text Me Flexible Taffy 2

Aquage Biomega Text Me Flexible Taffy 2 oz

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Aquage Biomega Text Me Flexible Taffy is a soy-based, ultra-pliable texturizer that lets you shape, direct and create random, organic texture and definition that lasts. It creates beautiful texture and brilliant shine. Text Me Flexible Taffy provides long lasting style definition and control. Nourishing Omega-rich Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) replenish moisture. The UV protectants help keep color vibrant. Text Me Flexible Taffy is designed to be mixed with Biomega SHAKE IT! to boost volume and hold.

How To Use

- Be sure product is evenly distributed in the palms and between fingers
- Run the palms and fingers through the hairstyle directing it from roots to ends
- Continue to re-apply until the desired level of texture has been achieved
- On wet hair, allow hair to dry naturally or tousle dry with fingers and a blow dryer to create maximum separation and randomness


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