Aquage Finishing Hairspray, 10 Oz

Aquage Finishing Hairspray, 10

Aquage Finishing Hairspray, 10 Oz

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Aquage Finishing Spray is the best-selling hairspray. It delivers long-lasting style retention and a firm-hold while creating volume simultaneously, yet it brushes through easily.  Finishing Spray is a fast-drying, firm-holding, fine-mist hairspray.


- Spray in short, even strokes, always directing the spray toward the ends to completely seal the cuticle and    create maximum shine.
- Finishing Spray can be used for hold and control or for creating volume and lift.
- The further away from the head the product is applied, the drier the spray which delivers more effective hold.

Packaging is updated by brands often. If you receive packaging that is a little different, it's because it's been updated by the brand and only ships new and fresh products, so please allow 1-2 days handling time.

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