AQUAGE Straightening Ultra Gel, 7 oz

AQUAGE Straightening Ultra Gel, 7

AQUAGE Straightening Ultra Gel, 7 oz

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Aquage Straightening Ultragel is an ultra-lightweight smoothing gel for straight styling. This product smoothes and silkens curly, permed or frizzy hair. Its unique, light formula aligns and seals the cuticle and is humidity resistant.  Straightening Ultragel features ultra-light silicones and sea fennel oil that silken and polish hair.


- After applying a quarter-sized amount into palm, thoroughly emulsify before applying to the hair
- Comb through from roots to ends for even product distribution
- Divide hair into sections for easier blow styling
- Begin blow-styling each section individually using the Aquage natural bristle round brush
- For hold and control only, apply product on towel-dried hair and allow hair to dry naturally

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