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:Born to be fabulous - the new generation of hair youth!
Were unveiling the mother of all hair treatments,, that breathes life into your mane with a spritz of a bottle. No, we havent found the fountain of youth, but weve created the biggest and baddest porosity formula that will give you your youthful, fabulous hair back in a matter of seconds.

What it does:

  • Light conditioning
  • Colour fade protection
  • Shine and luster
  • Hydration
  • Detangling
  • Reduced blow-drying time
  • Enhanced manageability
  • Free radical and heat damage protection
  • Split end smoother
  • Breakage prevention
  • Hair strengthener Revitalizer for hairs natural protective layer
  • Protection against environmental damage
  • Porosity control
  • Frizz control
  • Static reduction
  • Silky feel

What else you need to know:

The Nourisher: Thwart off those damaging UV rays with this energy absorbent antioxidant that prevents the rapid aging of hair fibers. Vitamin E will leave your hair nourished, help repair split ends and seals hair cuticles for a healthy, youthful finish.

The Perfecter: Pro-vitamin B5 is a naturally derived protein penetrates deep into your hair cortex, to strengthen and realign damaged hair structure revitalizing its natural bounce, shine, and luster.

The Strengthener: This unique protein ingredient defends tensile properties, elasticity and cuticle damage by penetrating deep into the hair cortex. Forming a strong interior and exterior for every strand, it revitalizes the hairs natural protective layer and enhances the manageability of your lush locks. It serves as a porosity equalizer too! T

The Protector: A multifunctional ingredient that helps maintain moisture within the follicles and protects against heat damage that keeps your hair silky, healthy and frizz free!

How to use:

Mist on clean damp hair, comb through, blow-dry, and style. FAB.ME is all kinds of fabulous on all kinds of hair types.

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