Elchim 8Th Sense Dryer Black/Copper

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Elchim 8Th Sense Dryer Black/Copper

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Elchim's 8th Sense Professional Hair Dryer is a digital dryer with 36 heat & speed settings for all types of hair with a built in filter silencer. Handmade in Italy. Great for: indeed all hair types-babies, man's short hair, damaged hair, thick course hair, etc. The black switch regulates the drying program (1st delicate hair / 2nd thick course hair) while the two switches above control heat & speed together.

Key Features:

  • 2000 Watts of regulated power from 300 watts to 2000 watts
  • Designed for all 8 types of known hair, from delicate infant's hair to thick Southern European course hair and everything in between
  • Designed to be used as a styling tool and a dryer
  • Electronic "Accelerator / Decelerator" with advanced technology: Almost infinite speed and temperature settings (36 heat & speed settings)
  • A patented lateral air intake and technologically advanced internal fan system that reduces the accumulation of dust and prevents hair from entering into the dryer. This increases the life of the dryer
  • The most powerful dryer in its category
  • Ionic Technology: Dries the hair in half the time while adding shine and eliminating the "frizzies"
  • Ceramic Technology: Produces far-infrared heat that "heats from the inside out". It dries the hair without "drying it out" and ads shine while reducing the "frizzies"
  • Ergonomic handle that perfectly balances the weight to reduce carpal tunnel in the wrist and reducing weight
  • Lateral side switches and cool shot for ease of handling
  • Rubberized side bumps to eliminate dryer slipping off smooth surfaces
  • Protection system from (EMF) electromagnetic field
  • Cool settings for ease of locking in the style
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

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