GAMMA+ Xcell - Matte Black

GAMMA+ Xcell - Matte

GAMMA+ Xcell - Matte Black

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Gamma+ Xcell Dryer has superior airflow intake compared to traditional dryer.

360° of airflow intake & filtration.
Motor speed 110,000 rpm.
Long-life brushless motor.
Superior airflow intake compared to traditional dryer.
Extended cord strain-relief for increased durability.
Includes 4 nozzles and 1 diffuser.
Ionic technology for more shine with less frizz and softer finish.
Scientifically calibrated balance & ergonomics.
Ultra lightweight & compact design (10.4 oz.).
Improved pitch and tone for enhanced acoustic noise reduction.
Low-energy consumption.

*NO RETURNS ON THIS ITEM, returns should be handled directly through Gamma.

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