Keune Blend Refreshing Balm 2.5oz

Keune Blend Refreshing Balm

Keune Blend Refreshing Balm 2.5oz

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The Keune BLEND Refreshing Balm is an innovative new styler that combines two of your favorite products—dry shampoo and styling balm—for modern, cool, messy, lived-in texture. One part dry shampoo, one part styling balm, new Keune BLEND Refreshing Balm adds cool, second-day, matte texture while absorbing oil for that clean-hair feeling. Refreshing Balm contains zeolite, a mineral with a sponge-like structure, which means it absorbs oil without leaving any residue. Refreshing Balm also features our special multi-vitamin complex and it won’t leave a white cast on dark hair.

Rub a little bit of Keune BLEND Refreshing Balm in your hands until it turns buttery smooth and powdery.
Then, simply rub Keune BLEND Refreshing Balm where you need it at the roots to absorb oil and a little on the lengths to texturize.

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