Keune Care Derma Exfoliate Shampoo 10.1 oz

Keune Care Derma Exfoliate Shampoo 10.1

Keune Care Derma Exfoliate Shampoo 10.1 oz

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Keune Care Line Derma Exfoliate Shampoo de-flakes, refines and rebalances the scalp's natural function. It has mild cleansing and clearing properties and it especially perfect if your scalp is itchy, irritated or dandruff-prone. The active ingredients inside calm the scalp, clear dandruff and prevent new flakes from forming. Meanwhile, the shampoos anti-bacterial properties relax the sebaceous glands, soothing itchiness and irritation. The result: a properly functioning scalp and lovely, healthy hair. Dandruff is a pain, but why do you get it? Heres the cause: an abnormally high quantity of a naturally occurring scalp fungus. This fungus kicks the cell renewal process into overdrive, causing you guessed it dandruff. Derma Exfoliate Shampoo contains Octopirox, an active substance that halts the fungus excessive multiplying, clears away visible dandruff and soothes an itchy scalp.

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