Keune Care Keratin Smooth Serum 0.8 oz

Keune Care Keratin Smooth Serum 0.8

Keune Care Keratin Smooth Serum 0.8 oz

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This line works wonders for your damaged, dry or normal hair. After diligent use, your hair is left silky smooth, stronger, healthier and easier to manage. How? Keratin! This fibrous protein is like your hairs building block. It diminishes when your hair is damaged, and keratin loss makes hair extra vulnerable. Keratin Smooth products restore the hair and replenish keratin by injecting it into the outside of the strands as well as deep inside it.

This is a luxurious serum infused with active keratin, argan oil and essential minerals. It smooths and strengthens frizzy hair and protects against damage from heat styling tools.

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