Pravana Pure Light Activator High 32 oz

Pravana Pure Light Activator High 32

Pravana Pure Light Activator High 32 oz

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Breaking the mold with a new, ground-breaking approach to balayage and different from traditional developers, PRAVANA created three Activators specifically for the art of balayage and open-air hair painting.

What It Does

Three levels of Activators provide a wide range of lightening and timing options:

• LOW: 2-3 levels of lift

• MEDIUM: 3-4 levels of lift

• HIGH: 4+ levels of lift

How To Use

Mix Pure Light Balayage Lightener with Pure Light Activator of your choice.

Mixing Ratios:

• 1 : 2 (PRAVANA Recommended)

• 1 : 1 ½ (thicker)

• 1 : 2 ½ (thinner)

Apply to dry hair. Process until desired lightness is achieved.

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