Schwarzkopf BLONDME Lift & Blend 2.1 oz

Schwarzkopf BLONDME Lift & Blend 2.1

Schwarzkopf BLONDME Lift & Blend 2.1 oz

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Schwarzkopf BLONDME Lift & Blend is for blonde clients, base 6 and lighter with 30-70% white hair, who are looking to maintain their blonde as naturally as possible with maximum white and grey hair coverage. This client is very cautious about preventing damage to their often delicate hair, and so a hair colour product that is specially formulated for mature hair should be used.


  • Always intermix the BLONDME Bond Enforcing Lift & Blend hair lightening cream 1:1 with BLONDME Premium Developer.
  • For levels 6 and 7, BLONDME Premium Developer 12%/40 Vol. For levels 8 and lighter, BLONDME Premium Developer 9%/30 Vol. Apply onto dry hair, do not shampoo beforehand.
  • Apply the mixture in fine sections immediately after preparation.
  • Use a generous quantity of the product in order to ensure the best possible lifting result.

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