Truss Night Spa Serum 8.45oz

Truss Night Spa Serum

Truss Night Spa Serum 8.45oz

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Night treatment based on 100% Vegan Serum for intense hydration of all hair types. Intensely hydrates the strands, providing a protective seal, rebuilding, softness and shine. It revitalizes the hair and helps to maintain nutrients within the hair fiber and also has an anti-aging and anti-frizz action. For weekly use.

How To Use

At night, apply NIGHT SPA SERUM TRUSS on dry hair, lock by lock, along the length and ends (do not apply close to the roots) and massage well. If necessary, remove excess moisture with the dryer. Let it act in your sleep. The next day, wash with the Shampoo and the Conditioner or TRUSS Mask of your choice.

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